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E-consultancy Why Ceefax and Teletext rule

The Inquirer Beeb defends Ceefax IP
The Register BBC throws strop at 'Ceefax Google'

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Financial Times BBC's anger at Ceefax pages on internet

Telegraaf BBC eist stop Britse teletekst op site
Dagblad De Limburger BBC boos op Nederlandse site met Britse teletekst

Blogspot Media Network Weblog
Club metro BBC boos op Nederlandse site met Britse teletekst

Contractoruk BBC warns IT consultant over 'illegal' site -- Contractor UK

DFT BBC wil Britse teletekst niet op Nederlandse site
Dutch Cowboys BBC boos op Nederlandse zoekmachine
Internet discussion about the site
Robert Paul Hoving Ceefax op het Internet
Fok.nl BBC boos op Nederlandse site
Puffin Ceefax
DM Europe BBC complains to Dutch website owner over teletext copyright violation

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Radio Netherlands Property values article, Intellectual property and the Internet

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The Stentor De man van de Veluwe die de BBC boos maakte

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